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Recruiting for focus groups and other qualitative projects is the central focus of our network facilities.

Each city maintains a large, constantly updated and purged database of fresh respondents .

AIM Research Network icon Solutions

Qualitative (Our Specialty)

Focus Groups

AIM uses focus groups to document and understand your audience and their behavior. Our rigorous recruitment and screening process is wholly customized to each client’s exact demographic, ethnographic, and geographic criteria. Focus groups take place at AIM ’s technologically-advanced and luxurious research facilities in 20 major commercial centers across the country, all overseen by an on-site specialist.

Personal Interviews

For clients seeking intimate, in-depth consumer interactions, AIM conducts individual interviews in-person, via webcam, or over the telephone. We find that these personal discussions, held in comfortable and confidential environments, yield superior results for medical, executive, or sensitive consumer topics research.

AIM Research Network icon Solutions


Webcam Interviews and Focus Groups

Our LiveConnect webcam focus group platform enables collaborative individual or group discussions with vetted research participants drawn from across the country. Clients are able to watch and listen to participants via a “virtual back room” and all sessions are archived for future viewing. LiveConnect is easy to use and does not require third-party downloads or software installations.

Online Surveys

Online surveys utilizing AIM ’s high-level panel – measured to match the U.S. population – are the ideal research supplement to inform crucial decision-making. Fully-integrated with software and digital tools, online surveys offer far-reaching, comprehensive insight into segmented research groups.

Sample Matching

Incisive research only works if you’re targeting the right audience. AIM ’s sample matching hones in on your targeted demographic through a precise matrix of hundreds of demographic presets. Our methodology avoids fatigue among panelists and yields high participation rates. Our targeting tools refine, screen, and verify candidates for optimal and reliable testing that delivers.

AIM Research Network icon Solutions

In Person

Website Usability

Usability research helps companies understand user needs and generate ideas for improvement. While usability testing is often used to evaluate a website’s user interface (UI), this method is also invaluable for discovering the best way to present information on your website. By paying attention to how people read, interpret, and access content, you gain a greater understanding of how to communicate, structure, and format information.


Featuring over 1 million patients, caregivers, physicians, and professionals, AIM ’s healthcare panel offers limitless in-person research opportunities across every facet of the healthcare industry. The AIM Patient Panel consists of 92 chronic medical conditions and the professional panel includes physicians and specialists from 99 disciplines.

Jury Recruiting

Using precise psycho-demographic criteria, we use highly-segmented mock jurors to simulate trial situations and reactions. Our completely confidential services have recruited and managed thousands of mock jurors for countless simulation programs, giving our experienced team an unprecedented knowledge of pre-trial research.

AIM Research Network icon Solutions


Mystery Shopping

Using industry-leading competitive intelligence, price audits, and more, AIM ’s mystery shopping program relies on over 30 years of expertise and our national participant panel to create extensive reports with complete software integration. Our team develops holistic mystery shopping programs, including guidelines, scenarios, and schedules customized to every client.

Ad Labs

Ad labs maximize the potency of your marketing budget with thorough and direct testing of advertisements, copy, imagery, and other variables that drive and affect consumer behavior.

AIM Ad Labs provide marketers with timely guidance when they are exploring creative ideas, taking a new or bold creative direction, or trying to regain effectiveness of an ad idea that has stopped “working”.

Product Placement

Focus Pointe Global simplifies product placement and in-home product testing. From participant recruitment, incentives, and product distribution to logistics and data collection, FPG uses its years of experience and national network to understand and segment consumer research for some of the largest manufacturers and retailers in the world

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