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Webcam Enabled Focus Groups

This next generation of online focus groups combines all the convenience of an online methodology with the reassurance gained from experiencing the visual and audio signals of a participant as they interact with the group. Webcam and streaming technology provide a truly qualitative environment when travel is not an option.

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Chat Room Focus Groups

Gain a fast top-level reaction to concepts and media from geographically dispersed respondents. Respondent anonymity elicits direct, honest feedback helping you to quickly get to the heart of any issue. Book, recruit and run your groups in a matter of days. Perfect in a time crunch, online groups let you respond quickly to your clients needs. During the sessions, Respondents can also be divided into breakout groups for more intimate discussions and then brought back to the larger forum generating more insight in less time.


Whether you require an end-to-end solution or just a piece of the puzzle, deliver the best insights by combining the very best in online qualitative research platforms with high-quality project management and expertise in recruitment.

Bulletin Board Focus Groups

Bulletin Board focus groups are highly involved discussions that unfold over extended time frames. Overcoming time zone limitations, they provide greater geographic reach to larger respondent groups and provide more in-depth transcripts for greater insight. Participants share their thoughts with great clarity and depth in bulletin boards, offering an unexpected level of understanding. They log in at their convenience resulting in more time spent on the research and rich insights that go deeper than the average focus group.

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Mobile Qualitative

Mobile qualitative research allows moderators, observers and participants to engage in research from tablets or smartphones. Mobile applications fully integrate into the online platform to maintain the same tracking, reporting and analysis tools available for bulletin board research and online communities. Take research into the field to gain immediate responses that eliminate the need for participant recall. Replicate ethnographic research with participants anywhere, anytime, allowing for text, photo and/or video questions and responses. Match the look and feel of your marketing materials with branded interfaces.

Global online surveys that drive the best decisions for success in the marketplace. Here at Assistance in Marketing we have built an entire division of experts who have extensive online research experience.

Survey Consultation

We apply our knowledge and experience to deliver the open and honest project feasibility. We know that panel size is not the only determining factor of a successful partner or project. Whether or not we can get a project completed is our focus. Investing the time to understand your needs and goals and customizing a recruitment plan specific to your project is what sets us apart.

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Reaching The Mobile Respondent

The massive adoption of mobile devices to access the internet, allows researchers, even in an off-line environment to engage with populations away from their PCs and in the moment.

Our leading-edge survey software is designed to be compatible with a broad range of browsers and mobile devices, so the advanced logic capabilities of our online surveys can be applied seamlessly to your survey.

Yet just because we can, does not always mean we should. Given some of the highly advanced and customized capabilities of our survey software and programming, we do not make broad statements about ‘across the board’ compatibility. Our team reviews each particular survey design to determine if it is suitable to be administered on a small screen device.